Free ConsultationAccording to Google keyword planner tool, millions of people weekly are googling for “SEO Website” and “SEO Website Analysis” terms.

Let’s try to find out what is SEO Website Analysis and how to improve website ranking in general.

First of all a simple question: what is SEO?  SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic or natural search results on search engines.  In addition to this, I’d mention also that SEO helps to achieve better results with paid traffic for less money due to a higher relevance of page content to target keywords.

So, people typing  in Google “SEO Website Analysis” want to find a SEO company with a proven experience who will be able to improve the website quality, increase rankings and generate more free traffic from search engines for their website.

After 3 years of activity in SEO domain, lots of experiments, split-tests and trying different approaches and methodologies we propose to our clients an effective SEO plan which for sure will lead to higher rankings and better conversions what is the ultimate goal for every commercial website.

If you know what is SEO analysis and want to find a reliable SEO outsourcing company just skip the reading and download a SEO Results Report to get an example of what results you can achieve by following our SEO plan and then I’m sure that you will want to contact our SEO department for a free no-obligation consultation.

How to get to Google Top Rankings in 5 steps


Website SEO analysis

Before starting working on website SEO, your need to know everything about the website. This process is called SEO website analysis and includes exploring of all aspects and metrics needed for successful SEO, most important points from those are the following:

  • Content quality
  • Site usability
  • Title, Description and Headings
  • Semantic core, keywords cloud & consistency
  • Indexed Pages
  • Internal Pages Analysis
  • In-Page Links
  • External Backlinks
  • User behavior analysis
  • CTA and feedback forms
  • Social shareability
  • PageRank, Page & Domain Authority

Competitors review

Every website owner knows his competitors, right? We need to find out how to beat them.

  • Find appropriate website categories
  • Prepare related keywords
  • Get the list of competitors
  • Retrieve SEO data
  • Looking for possible patterns

Comparing results

Next step is to compare SEO metrics and KPI of your competitors with your site.

  • Getting all the data from competitors in one table along with your website
  • Preliminary conclusion
  • Discovering weaknesses
  • Proposing solutions

Developing a SEO plan

Real brainstorming starts here. When we have a huge amount of data and  results of analysis in our hand we need to come up with a well-designed  SEO plan finally.

Execute SEO

When the SEO plan is ready, all we have to do is to follow it. This is the core and most time-consuming task, it depends on the results achieved from the previous steps and would take considerable time. According to our experience most of the tasks from this step could be outsourced at reasonable prices, some of them are 100% manual work but some could be automatized.

When the job is done, some time is needed to let search engines analyse our work and make necessary adjustments to sites rankings.

Finally you can enjoy the result but we’d recommend to subscribe for two more packages: SEO supportpaid advertising.

SEO Support & Reporting

Constantly working with Google analytics,webmaster tools and applying different approaches like split-testing (A/B) we could improve conversions of your site.

This package includes the following tasks:

– Reporting
– SERP & KPI monitoring
– Analysing results
– A/B testing for possible improvements

Google Adwords/CPC advertising

We suggest to use paid traffic as well. When the website is SEO friendly the cost of ads will be less and Adwords could be a good source of sales generation alongside the organic traffic.

List of services includes:

– creating adwords account
– setting new campaigns
– relevant keywords selection
– adding ads and ad groups
– cost reduction

Download one of the specific examples of SEO results achieved by our team on UK market ( domain): SEO Results Report

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